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What we stand for
Bonded by iron united by miles! Our bond was made on the streets enhanced by our bikes and united by the miles we share across country together. We are men and women who represent a club dedicated to riding. Our patch signifies the bond we have to each other, our iron and the streets. Our commitment is to be the best we can by always being a family first. Although we don’t share the same blood, we are bound to each other by the strength of family values. Our brotherhood and sisterhood was created by the love we share for one another. Our bonds can’t be broken! Our passion for riding is unrivaled and our love for one another is the strength that binds us.

Our mission statement
We are a club dedicated to establishing  national connections by exploring the country on iron. Our goal is to improve our communities by partnering with other MC’s to support charitable events to make a difference. We want to unite the Motorcycle community by following the protocols established by our forefathers. Bonded By Iron MC stresses safe riding while having fun. We invite like minded riders to join us because in the end all real riders are "BONDED BY IRON."

Our Patch
The road wrapping around the man and woman’s hand represents the road to our destiny. The shackles bind us to our bikes because we never want to be without them. The man and the woman with their hands clinched together represent the undying bond we have to one another. When it’s all put together it shows the unbreakable bond we have to each other, our bikes and the streets. We will protect our BONDS at any cost. No man, law or machine will ever break the bond that brought us together.

Our Colors
Our colors come from taking all the base colors from the major bike manufactures of the bikes we ride. We have Yamaha blue, Honda red, Suzuki yellow, Kawasaki green and Harley Davidson orange. These 5 along with the colors which describe our personality,beliefs, and riding style establish the 9 colors that represent us.
Blue is for the loyalty we have to one another and the faith our colors will last for eternity,
Red is for our passion for riding and the feeling of power and speed we get from our bikes
Yellow is for the wisdom , joy and optimism we ‘ve gained from  traveling to different places and the connections we make on the road.
Green is for the renewal of our love for our environment and community through the generosity of our charity work
Orange is for the energy we bring to the streets and the balance we have between our men and women.
White represents the birth of our club, the purity of our beliefs, the precision with which we ride and the peace we have within our club.
Black represents the power our iron possess, the sophistication of our character and the elegance of our movements.
Grey/Silver represents the security we have from the intelligence and reliability of our members.

Our History
Bonded By Iron MC was established on November 12, 2010. It was founded by 5 friends who became family though our passion for riding. The founders are Sho Off, Critical (President), Icey (Treasurer/Secretary), Logical (Vice President) and Tenacious. We welcome anyone who shares our beliefs and values to come join and burn up the road, break bread and make national connections with us. You don't have to be in BBIMC to ride and fellowship with us...
BBIMC is a club that is 100% on Iron. We want to network with like minded clubs and people that are in for the joy of the ride. We hope travel the country meeting as many people and clubs as we can. We would much rather ride a couple hundred miles and break bread with someone so we can develop a personal relationship with riders and/or clubs

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